Welcome To Multi Colour Learning Center

NOMOR : 570/50-OPSK.Dindik/DPMPTSP/X1/2017, NPSN: 69972026
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Welcome to MCLC (Multi Colour Learning Centre)

A School for Children with Special Needs. Home learning environment for children with:

  • ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
  • ADHD (Attention – Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or ADD)
  • DS (Down Syndrome)
  • Dyslexia
  • Speech Delay, Learning Disabilities
  • Other Developmental Delay & Disabilities


  • Secure the lives and future of children with Special Needs and assist their families in achieving a bright future.


  • INSPIRE , everyone in need as well as everyone else.
  • INTERACT , with people as well as with nature and be part of everyone’s dream.
  • INVOLVE , ourselves as well as share with everyone and together show care and kindness to set the world in the right direction.
  • IMAGINE… , a better future for YOU and ME and the whole world.


  • People First

We place the highest value on the people involved in our organization (students, Stakeholders, clients, families, employees, volunteers, supporters, and friends). We respect and appreciate each person’s unique abilities and contributions

  • Trusted Programs

We provide choices of progressive educational, therapeutic, individual and community programs to our students, families, caregivers and clients. We are committed to recruiting, developing and retaining professionals and volunteers who are highly skilled and possess the values consistent with those at MCLC

  • Committed Staff 

We are fully committed to the young people in our care and work hard to maintain a high quality standard in all we do. We practice an open and transparent approach to the way we work in improving young people’s lives and our longstanding, positive reputation is demonstrated through the outcomes we achieve.

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MCLC Bintaro

Our beautiful and dedicated Teachers and Staff of MCLC...Graduation and Moving-Up Ceremony
“If They Can, Yes I Can” June 22, 2019.
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“Our son Baron enjoys his learning time at MCLC. His progress has improved significantly since attending MCLC and he enjoys going to school there.

As parents of a special needs child my wife and I are impressed with his progress. This would not be possible without the dedication and expertise of the teachers and friendly, accommodating staff coupled with individual learning programs for each child. The school is clean and well maintained with the appropriate special needs facilities.” Mr. And Mrs. Jackman

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“We are happy with MCLC because through their program our son is progressing a lot. The teachers are very caring to all the kids. This is not just a school but it’s like a family, brings new hope for Children with Special Needs. Thank You MCLC.” Mr. and Mrs. Halim

“MCLC is the school where I can see my son enjoying his learning time best. His progress is significantly seen day by day. And as parent of a special need kid, I could not feel happier than this. This wouldn’t happen without the great, patient and expert teachers, the friendly staff, progressive and comprehensive curriculum for each kid’s needs, not to mention the superb clealiness of the whole school area. Thank you MCLC” -Mr. and Mrs. Suteja

“Selama di MCLC Farrel berkembang cukup baik, guru-gurunya sabar dan programnya bervariasi dan disesuaikan dengan kemampuan Farrel, sehingga Farrel senang bersekolah di MCLC.

Terima kasih MCLC.”

Mr. And Mrs. Salamony

“Teachers dan Staff sangat kooperatif dan mau mendengarkan dengan hati bagaimana kegundahan saya mengenai “Speech Delay” anak saya dan kebutuhan khususnya. Selama 2 bulan sekolah di MCLC banyak perkembangan yang bisa kami rasakan bahwa anak kami tidak lagi takut ketemu orang asing, kontak matanya lebih intens dan dia makin mengerti gesture dan feeling. Terima Kasih MCLC, Keep it up and Thank you for your good Heart”

Mr. And Mrs. Thomas

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